Two to Tango: Afro-Cuban Salsa - CD


1. Afterglow (Sophia's Smile)
    by Sylvia Kalal
2. La Vida Feliz (Song for Jimmy)
    by Sylvia Kalal
3. Moorea
    by Gypsy Kings
4. Barcelona nights
5. Surrender To Love
    by Ottmar Liebert
6. Cafe Granada
    by Sylvia Kalal & R. W. Fraser
7. Mambo #5
     by Prez Prado
8. Mambo #8
    by Prez Prado
9. Where Shadows Fall By
    by James Kalal
10. Bulerias
11. Tango el Bongo
      by George Van Eps
12. Europa
      by Carlos Santana
13. Hotel California
      by the Eagles
14. Samba De Orfeu


Musicians: James & Sylvia Kalal, Robert W. Fraser, Tom Fries, Dallas Coffey, Robert Jared Kalal, Rolando Pizzana

A great "margarita mixer!" Ripe with nuances of authentic Cuban Salsa characteristic of "Son Montuno" rhythm. This music will captivate you with it's scintillating pulse, and have you and your friends in a fun mood on your favourite cruise ship. Excellent musicians create spellbinding magic on this Caribbean, Salsa, and Brazilian flavoured CD.